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Riverland Technologies values our partnerships and together, we  can help you provide a wide range of LPR solutions to meet a variety of needs and customized requests of clients wishing to utilize our customers.  Our Partners have become an integral element of our growing success across America and the world.


If you feel your business model or sale organization is a good match for Riverland Technologies, and that our high quality brands would be mutually beneficial, we are the partner for you! Partner with Riverland Technologies today and propel our businesses to the highest level of success.

alpr ocr for smart cities

Federal & State Law Enforcement

We have achieved continued success in the LPR solutions space  through the development of partnerships with market leading reselling partners representing high end security technology. If you sell security solutions to Federal State and Local Law Enforcement, we want to partner with you! If you sell IOT cameras and wish to layer in our OCR software, lets talk! As an industry leading developer and manufacturer of  LPR cameras and software to the world, we have a stellar reputation for innovation, efficiency and quality-centric design and production.

Seeking LPR Partners

With quality being at the core of everything that Riverland does, it is of paramount importance to us that we find partners who share our commitment to exceeding customer expectations. When looking to partner with an LPR provider that meets your clients criteria on a consistent basis look no further than Riverland Technologies. Our high quality products enable the  partner to develop specific solutions in line with each of your customers based on any type of unique requirements.

alpr ocr for smart cities
alpr ocr for smart cities

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Riverland LPR Articles


Why LPR Eliminates Racial Profiling


December 18, 2020

One of the most highly debated topics in society today deals with racial profiling by law enforcement. How do license plate recognition systems eliminate racial profiling? One of the clearest ways that LPR systems helps with claims of racial profiling by police is that by rule, LPR cameras simply scan the license plate of a […]

LPR, Lights, Camera…Smoke and Mirrors


October 02, 2020

Are Law Enforcement agencies being forced into big costly LPR technology purchases? If so, why does this continue?  Many technology companies today have mastered the art of selling to buyers inside the Law Enforcement (LE) space. While these clients do their level best to make the most informed and educated decisions possible, are they often […]

Riverland Technologies Announces Force-Multiplier Integration of ALPR Technology into The Fusus Real-Time Crime Center Platform


September 01, 2020

Riverland Technology’s industry leading Automatic License Plate Recognition feeds have been integrated into the Fūsus Real-Time Crime Center in the Cloud Platform. Pearl, MS, September 1, 2020– Riverland Technologies has now fully integrated their industry leading Automatic License Plate Recognition feeds into the Fūsus Real-Time Crime Center in the Cloud (RTC3) platform, creating a significant […]

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