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Leading the World’s LPR Industry

As the one of the world’s largest independent supplier of Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) cameras and software, Riverland is committed to offering the most advanced technology, providing timely and accurate information within its fast paced industries.  Riverland’s Matrix© Camera line and software solutions allow systems to work under any weather conditions, both day and night, allowing users the ability to make quick critical business and law enforcement decisions 24 hours a day, instantaneously. 

Riverland knows that transportation planning and design for future policies, goals, investments and needs to move people and goods to destinations can be both costly and challenging. We can resolve that issue for you! Or if your interest is to better understand how your highways and city roadways are currently being used and the speed, volume, and flow of traffic, we can meet that need too! Riverland Technologies is your transportation and planning software solution. 

Why are we the best solution for you? Riverland’s built-in analytics provide a wide range of industries with precise results allowing for better transportation and city planning, crucial data to equip law enforcement for quick decision making strategies,  to securing borders and beyond. The Matrix LPR platform can be used for Journey Time Analysis (JTA).  

Markets and Industries 

Our specialized transportation and JTA technologies are applicable in a variety of fields:

  • City Planning Agencies
  • City Surveillance
  • Homeland Security
  • Military Bases
  • Maritime Ports
  • Airports – Parking and Air Traffic Support
  • Government Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • University and College Campuses
  • Law Enforcement
  • Parking Management Agencies
  • Casinos
  • Critical Facilities Infrastructure Protection
  • K-12 Schools
  • Malls, Shopping Centers Security Solutions
  • Sporting events & Arenas

Traffic Analysis 

The built-in Journey Time analytics allows a better understanding of how local highways and city roadways are currently being used. This is accomplished by recognizing and calculating the time between plate reads at two or more Matrix© Camera locations. Capturing accurate, real-time data of traffic patterns, counting, and speeds are especially effective for transportation planning and analysis.  We can also do average speed analysis with one only one camera.

alpr data analytics for traffic

Industry Application & Benefits

  • Traffic data collection for road/highway usage and funding
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • High-traffic surveillance and travel time management
  • Monitoring of Toll-Ways and High Occupancy Toll Lanes
  • Speed enforcement
  • Crime monitoring and prevention
  • Rapid deployment of emergency and public service resources
  • Pay parking and parking enforcement

alpr ocr for smart cities

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

With the increasing demands on our city infrastructure, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are seen as ways to manage transport resources more effectively. Riverland’s LPR solution ensures all elements of a complex system integrate efficiently and to the highest standards of quality and performance. Journey Time Analysis (JTA) can give you an insight into your city’s demands and allow you to make informed decisions to improve the infrastructure, traffic flow, and accident prevention within your cities. While JTA is an important factor in gathering data, it is by no means the final piece of the data capture and process puzzle. Such is the developmental quality of Riverland’s hardware and software. The LPR solutions can form a larger part of the Journey Time Management (JTM) systems. Being specialists in both LPR cameras, as well as LPR software, Riverland can support requirements with efficient deployment, simplistic set-up and superior performance.

Riverland’s integrated LPR solutions lead the market in efficiency, quality and performance provided, as well as the level of control given to users when gathering and analysing specific data. We provide unrivaled commitment to high quality products and guarantee complete technical support which all result in customer satisfaction. Thus, Riverland’s LPR solutions are quickly becoming the choice of both public and private customers throughout the world. Riverland LPR solution is a perfect fit for Journey Time Analysis (JTA), providing:

  • High accuracy capture rate
  • IP68 environmentally robust configuration
  • Easy deployment and set up using truEZoom™ technology
  • Single camera for all situations

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