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LPR for Site Security has never been easier.

Riverland’s simple customizable LPR security solution for site security excels by allowing business owners the use of a safe, high tech option for securing its business, facility, or campus. Because two-thirds of crimes committed involve a motor vehicle, converting to Riverland’s LPR security solution will be your first line of defense in identifying the potential vehicles involved.  Additionally, LPR will help secure your site with 24 hour monitoring, identification and control of vehicles.  

Business owners and operators quickly realize the cost savings benefit where LPR can replace the costly need for a manned security station at the entrance/exit point of the site. 


  • Controls access
  • Allows flow of traffic
  • Reduces high cost of manned stations
  • Immediate alerting of flagged plates
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Reduced crime
  • Vehicle/employee inventory monitoring

The system is designed to open barriers based on whitelist/blacklist data, and can log every plate that enters or exists for post event and historical analysis.  The system also provides, as an option, vehicle counting and time of stay information. Additionally, users have found value in the software’s ability to provide a “roll call” of information that can later be used to manage fleets or vehicle movement. In addition to this, when license plates are scanned and compared against hot-list or wanted vehicles, real time alerts can be provided allowing the user to address this issue with the appropriate means. In addition to this, LPR data can also be forwarded to the local authorities where they may also be alerted of wanted individuals and respond appropriately.

Advantages to LPR Site Security

  • Cost-savings and efficiency: reduce your overhead cost by decreasing staffing needs and lowering potential criminal activity on your site.
  • Increased security and reduction of human error: even the best security guards will make mistakes. Reduce the likelihood of such human error with our reliable technology. Alerts by the system and accountability of all plates present in your facility will also increase your safety.
  • Open/Close Barriers based on Whitelist/Blacklist data: you no longer have to pay attention to who should be moving around your site and who should not. Let the system do that for you.
  • Instantly send an alert if a vehicle on a blacklist enters a facility: the alert system means that you don’t have to check every entry to your site, simply rely on the technology to alert you in case of entrance.
  • Provide roll call data if an emergency arises: manage movement of vehicles and maintain accountability through our role call system.
  • Increase safety by monitoring vehicles after they enter a facility: instead of leaving monitoring to an individual, instead rely on our advanced system to keep consistent track of all movement within the site.
  • Parking management: monitor traffic levels in and out of the facility daily, weekly, monthly to help with your operational planning.

alpr ocr for smart cities

Overhead Cost Reduction

There are a number of methods to ensure the safety of your site as well as reducing overall cost for you. Riverland Technologies provides you with constant plate surveillance so you know exactly who is on your grounds at all times. Reduce crime, keep your occupants safe, and lower your costs with our LPR Site Security.

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