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Riverland Technologies’ advanced LPR system can provide you with a plethora of comprehensive, intelligent parking solutions for your car parking facility. Riverland Technologies offers superior applications which utilize our state of the art LPR cameras and highly efficient management software. With the diverse car park management services throughout the world, Riverland is proud to provide the flexibility which supports solutions for integrated or new systems. This means that the range of opportunities for increased revenue generation is open to the car parking market across the globe.

We aim to make your management easy by providing you with solutions for your car parking facility including:

Parking automation and parking security: Our parking guidance and inventory management system provides hassle-free parking for drivers while optimizing your parking facilities with cutting edge analytical software. Security is as tight as it will ever be with instantaneous access to all information connected to license plates in your parking facility. You’ll know exactly who is in your facility at all times. 

Ticket-less parking fee management: Save yourself valuable time! Skip manually issuing permits or managing your inventory, and avoid chasing down payments and renewals by utilizing our fee management software system. This provides a simplified, partially or fully automated payment process with easy renewal built in.

Parking access automation: Configure your parking control system to restrict access to specific areas or at specific times. Our software can also control ingress and egress abilities and increase the speed at which these processes take place to ensure maximum capacity and reduced wait time. We can provide analysis of the traffic and revenue streams within the car park to ensure you are fully informed and aware of the patterns within your system, as well as what’s working and what’s not. 

Vehicle location guidance: With Riverland’s advanced LPR and tracking, we are able to provide you immediate knowledge of all vehicles in your lot, as well as exact placement. Gone are the days when a lost car takes hours to locate! 

Car theft prevention: LPR makes it virtually impossible to get away from car theft from your auto parking facility. Recognition of all movement in and out, as well as information on vehicles and histories are at your fingertips. Your customers have a safe and stable environment in which to leave their parked cars and you rest easy in Riverland’s care.

“Lost ticket” fraud: Reduce your “lost ticket” interactions to zero! Our technology is a ticketless management system, rendering paper tickets a thing of the past. 

Fraud by changing tickets: Save your company time and money with Riverland’s completely automated system. You will no longer have to deal with fraudulent activities resulting in your financial loss. Make the smart and safe choice by choosing Riverland Technologies today! 

These are just a few examples of the potential solutions for car park management which Riverland can integrate to make your life easier. Riverland solutions and integrated car park management systems provide your visitors with a secure and efficient service while providing operators with the best return on your investment through increased efficiency and charge enforcement.

Riverland Technologies parking solutions can best support you because our LPR system:

  • Increases your revenue with efficient pay and monitoring systems and fewer staff
  • Simplifies the parking experience for your customers and provides a more highly satisfied customer 
  • Maximizes operational efficiency for facility operators 
  • Reduces movement delays with quick ingress and egress monitoring
  • Incorporates a variety of access and and credential types

Partner with Riverland Technologies today to learn how our specialized solutions for car parking facilities can help you achieve your parking goals!

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