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One of Riverland Technologies’ many effective services is our highly accurate, extremely fast LPR solution. Many LPR engines on the market today are still using the algorithms developed over a decade ago. Our Riverland Technology Matrix engine has been in development for nearly 10 years and our in-house development team spends every day tweaking and perfecting it. There are two primary components of a quality LPR engine, one is the PlateFinder, and the other is the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process. Both elements are of equal importance for advanced functioning of the entire system. 


The plate finder is a critical component of the engine, if you cannot find the plate, you cannot read it. This is a two-step process, one is to find the plate in the field of view, the second is to eliminate or reduce false positives (bumper stickers, decals, etc.) We use several proprietary algorithms to accomplish this. Our technology has surpassed the rest in the field due to the longevity of our product as well as the effort we put in to perfecting the process. 

  • Ability to detect multiple license plates in a cameras field of view
  • Isolate and process multiple license plates simultaneously
  • Reduction of false positives through our proprietary algorithm

Optical Character Recognition

 We have used several techniques over the years, from Neural-Net to Pattern Matching algorithms. All of these methods had flaws and we could not achieve the desired results, so….we reinvented the LPR Wheel, made a better LPR mousetrap. Images captured by  LPRs differ from other scanned devices and often struggle with defects. These problems can easily render LPR images useless, so Riverland Technologies has spent the time perfecting our technology. We have resolved the most common OCR issues such as distortion at the edges or dimmed light which make it difficult for OCR applications to correctly recognize the text. We came up with a highly accurate proprietary method of reading plates at high speeds, at very acute and difficult angles.

Matrix Central – Backoffice

Through independent testing Riverland Technologies LPR software and market-leading LPR cameras ensure that our end to end solutions are the best in the world. Our full time staff of in-house developers and programmers work exclusively on developing new and improved systems and processes so that you receive exactly what you need. 

Some of necessary components of an efficient LPR system include cameras which able to:

  1. Read by hour
  2. Camera status & usage details
  3. Real Time alerts
  4. Identification of cameras and current 
  5. Easy Hotlist integration and setup
  6. Fully automated Hotlist updating
  7. Private or shared Hotlists
  8. Hotlist and data sharing configurable from server to server
  9. Share system status
  10. Meets CJIS data security requirements

Next Generation of OCR

The Riverland Matrix OCR engine is considered the next generation of modern, cutting edge algorithms to accurately identify and read license plates at speeds over 200mph. Designed from the ground up for use in varying lighting and weather conditions, this engine can be deployed across the globe for most plate types and latin based fonts. By design, the engine easily integrates into 3rd party applications.  If you’re looking for flexibility from an LPR software platform and company, look no further than Riverland. We offer custom integrations to meet your needs. 

  • Ground up wholly owned next generations OCR engine 
  • In-House team of developers and engineers
  • 3rd party integration options
  • Fast integration and response times
  • U.S based, covering plates of all nations
  • No project too large or too small

The world of LPR is an ever-changing market and it is critical that the engine remains up to date to continue to provide cutting edge results. Riverland does exactly that and we provide you with top of the line, superior quality OCR Engine Integration. 

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