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Riverland’s LPR technology serves other entities besides government and law enforcement agencies, which includes neighborhoods and communities. We understand that one size does not fit all and that is why we are able work in collaboration and provide unique security solutions in line with customer needs. Many of our clients have chosen us not just because of the quality of our LPR products but also due to our unique ability to meet a range of requirements. With Riverland’s advanced abilities, the technology has evolved rapidly, radically changing who is able to access LPRs and what you’re able to do. 

Neighborhood homeowners associations and property managers are utilizing our systems to ensure the safety and protection of the homeowner and the neighborhood through monitoring and tracking potential threats to the security of the area. Riverland’s ALPR cameras can capture images not only of the license plate numbers and date & time when the vehicle passed the camera. It can also provide additional details such as: color, vehicle type, dents, scratches, bumper stickers etc. This enables neighborhoods and communities to be very aware of who is in the area and the patterns of their travel.

In addition to homeowners associations or private homeowners being able to monitor the comings and goings in their homes and neighborhoods, our technology can keep an area safer in general.

When teaming with local law enforcement, your neighborhood and community LPR detections will fall under local and state legal use requirement. Additionally, any LPR data sharing shall meet stringent data security protocols.

Teaming with local law enforcement adds another layer of security to a neighborhood or specific community which has our LPR technology. Officers can systematically gather information on vehicles, not only for current criminal activity, but also simply to gain general information which might be useful in future criminal investigations. Additionally, police are able to prevent or solve a variety of crimes from kidnapping, to theft, or even murder using the LPR images and accompanying software. 

With so many threats in different regions across the USA and internationally, the ability to identify potential threats is of paramount importance. The integration of county, state and national database searches within the system ensures that law enforcement within a specific community or neighborhood are notified when vehicles of interest are imaged in the vicinity. Providing this level of security ensures that potential threats are quickly identified, allowing for immediate action to be taken to protect the area. To that end, Riverland Technologies can:

  • Research into a vehicle’s history and potential threat
  • Use high levels of accuracy in plate capture at variable speeds
  • Access Immediate and detailed information about a vehicle
  • Be alerted immediately about potential problems for swift action
  • Open/Close barriers based on Whitelist/Blacklist data
  • Instantly send an alert if a vehicle on a blacklist enters facility
  • Provide roll call data if an emergency arises
  • Monitor a vehicle after it enters an area

Overall, Riverland Technologies can provide your neighborhood or community with a vast wealth of information of who is in your area and their patterns of habit. Feel safe and secure in your home knowing that our LPRs are working for you every second, reporting all the necessary information to keep your community safe and you fully informed.

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