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LPR for Smart Cities

alpr ocr for smart cities

Matrix Central

Matrix Central is the backbone or Back Office software suite managing the Data created by LPR cameras and other sensors. Inside this feature rich data management application, user are able to access the tools designed to quickly and intuitively search and analyze acquired data and intelligence. Riverland remains on the forefront of development ensuring that the Matrix BOF remains fully compliant with CJIS standards applicable to LPR usage, this includes any and all audit logs and security protocols. We have solutions designed for small agencies to enterprise customers.

Matrix Core

Matrix Core provides the foundation to which our accuracy and plate processing is built upon, is truly the brains built within our software application. For LPR it very quickly detects a plate in the field of view, then accurately reads the plate and sends this data to Matrix Central. This is an easy task in a lab environment or on slow or stationary plates. The challenge becomes doing this in real world environments such as high speeds, complete darkness, difficult angles and distances. Some companies claim to be able to achieve this, but we excel at reading plates accurately in many challenging conditions. Call us to schedule a demo.

alpr ocr for smart cities
alpr ocr for smart cities

Matrix Edge

Matrix Edge is our stationary or fixed solution. It is our in-house designed and built two lane LPR camera. It contains two cameras, one IR and one Color, an embedded processor all in a IP68 milled aluminum housing. The camera is POE+ powered and all video analytics are performed within the camera. It has a two lane read range of up to 120’ using pulsed IR light utilizing the latest in LED technology. The cameras are very easy to install and configure and require a fraction of the time previously required with legacy systems.

Matrix Mobile

Matrix Mobile is our mobile solution, it can have anywhere from 1 to 4 cameras positioned on a vehicle and uses a 10” touchscreen or MDC mounted in the vehicle to control the system. All controls are designed for ease of use with a touch screen monitor and is designed to be very user friendly with intuitive controls. The system requires very little officer intervention other than logging in.

alpr ocr for smart cities
alpr ocr for smart cities

In-Car Video System

This is a software only solution that utilizes our LPR software to be installed on a MDC or other device in the vehicle and can use existing cameras mounted within the vehicle to find and read license plates. This can be integrated with existing In-Car Video software or act as a stand alone unit.

Matrix Alerter

Matrix Alerter: This is a standalone software that can be installed on any Windows based system regardless of whether or not the system has an LPR system attached. It is a small piece of software that runs in the background and can show alerts when a vehicle matches a hotlist and will alert the user visually and with an audible prompt.

alpr ocr for smart cities
alpr ocr for smart cities

Matrix Mobile Stand Alone

Riverland also offers stand-alone software that can be used with virtually any camera to detect and OCR plates in both the IR and color spectrum.

This is a lower costs solution that enables users to make use of existing color cameras to complete an LPR project. There will be some trade-offs in read rate and accuracy, especially in complete darkness, but the cost benefits make this a very good solution.

Case Studies

City of Lathrop, CA

The city of Lathrop CA selected Riverland Technologies as its LPR solution provider securing its developing community.  In addition to securing other critical assets, several large technology companies, such as TESLA’s  870 thousand Square foot facility mutually benefit from the added layer of security found within the city and its use of Riverland’s cameras and […]


Naples Florida PD

Naples Police Department has joined the list of over 18 cities within south Florida deploying and using Riverland’s LPR Technology for its city wide LPR solution. Within days of the system going live the city recognized the incredible benefits of its use and solved a bank robbery. With accurate alerting via Matrix Central, Law Enforcement […]


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