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Riverland has quickly become the most trusted vendor and partner for cities, police forces & municipalities across the nation. The enterprise class hardware and software is differently and appropriately designed for the ease of installation and use while maintaining the demands for security and data management.

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What we do

Riverland provides cutting edge LPR camera technology & integrated software solutions

Our Car LPR Cameras
Our Fixed LPR Cameras
Our Mobile Camera Trailer Units
Our Cutting Edge Matrix LPR Software
Realtime Data Capture & Analysis
Officer Safety
Safer Cities Reduced Crime
Traffic Control & Analysis

LPR Cameras & Software for Cities, Law Enforcement & Neighborhoods

About the Technology

police force alpr camera
  • Easy to use, easy to deploy
  • Cost Effective
  • Highly Accurate
  • Works under any conditions, day, night, rain.
  • Cameras are designed, made and assembled in the USA
  • High Quality

Riverland Technologies is a full turn key supplier of LPR cameras and software founded in 2014. We provide high quality IP68 rated cameras. Our software is designed developed and supported in house and utilizes the latest technologies in LED light and cameras.

Riverland Technologies provides the LPR software in deployments throughout the world including the State of Mississippi with over 500 cameras deployed within the state. Our technology has been instrumental in solving numerous crimes, from petty theft to homicides and assaults.

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Who we are

The team at Riverland are dedicated to making a range of LPR and Video Analytic products to meet the specific requirements of our customers

Case Studies

City of Lathrop, CA

The city of Lathrop CA selected Riverland Technologies as its LPR solution provider securing its developing community.  In addition to securing other critical assets, several large technology companies, such as TESLA’s  870 thousand Square foot facility mutually benefit from the added layer of security found within the city and its use of Riverland’s cameras and […]

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Naples Florida PD

Naples Police Department has joined the list of over 18 cities within south Florida deploying and using Riverland’s LPR Technology for its city wide LPR solution. Within days of the system going live the city recognized the incredible benefits of its use and solved a bank robbery. With accurate alerting via Matrix Central, Law Enforcement […]

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Rankin County MS

Rankin County has implemented a combination of stationary and mobile ALPR systems throughout the county and has solved numerous misdemeanor and felony crimes as a result. The agency continues to add cameras to their system. Sheriff Brian Bailey

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Customer Recommendations

Riverland LPR Articles


Why LPR Eliminates Racial Profiling


December 18, 2020

One of the most highly debated topics in society today deals with racial profiling by law enforcement. How do license plate recognition systems eliminate racial profiling? One of the clearest ways that LPR systems helps with claims of racial profiling by police is that by rule, LPR cameras simply scan the license plate of a […]

LPR, Lights, Camera…Smoke and Mirrors


October 02, 2020

Are Law Enforcement agencies being forced into big costly LPR technology purchases? If so, why does this continue?  Many technology companies today have mastered the art of selling to buyers inside the Law Enforcement (LE) space. While these clients do their level best to make the most informed and educated decisions possible, are they often […]

Riverland Technologies Announces Force-Multiplier Integration of ALPR Technology into The Fusus Real-Time Crime Center Platform


September 01, 2020

Riverland Technology’s industry leading Automatic License Plate Recognition feeds have been integrated into the Fūsus Real-Time Crime Center in the Cloud Platform. Pearl, MS, September 1, 2020– Riverland Technologies has now fully integrated their industry leading Automatic License Plate Recognition feeds into the Fūsus Real-Time Crime Center in the Cloud (RTC3) platform, creating a significant […]

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